Communicate via the web in a Flash

Communications believes it has identified a niche in the “marketing” market, not only locally but globally as well.

The company specialises in delivering audio and image intensive marketing and promotional material over the Internet in an efficient and user-friendly manner. This delivery is effective even with 56K dial-up connections.

We believe more and more people should be using this type of communication.  If one wants to get a message out on the Internet it is generally believed that it would be achieved using text, but people are not on the Internet to read things. If you can provide them with a couple of relevant images and a verbal message, it becomes far more effective.

Communications uses existing technology to achieve this. Its primary medium is Macromedia Flash. The advantage is that the message is not ‘obscured or divorced’ from whoever is sending out the communication, as it does not appear in another window or application such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

The way we implement Flash you don’t have to wait for downloads. With our system, within seven seconds, you will hear a stream of audio over even a dial-up modem.

Compression is especially important on the African continent where communication infrastructure is quite limited.

The provision of audio over broadband is being increasingly used to improve communications, but because of the perceived line speed hurdle in 56k dial-up modems, the market has largely ignored this significant market segment.

The local infrastructure is unlikely to change dramatically over the next ten years, which has added limitations as most Internet applications and services are being designed for high-speed connection.

Firstbase believes its methodology overcomes these restrictions. “With this communication, because we are selective, people can receive information when it is suitable to them.”

The company’s primary focus is on online promotion and messaging, and post-conference legacy websites.

Examples of implementation can be seen at - please ensure that you have sound installed and that your speakers are turned up.


The Digital Marketing Product


Digital Marketing is the delivery of persuasive content (copy, images, audio and video) to a very specific target market.

Digital Marketing allows the delivery of content in a persuasive and interactive manner to a very specific target market.

The delivery can be effected via the Internet, CD ROMS, DVDS or by static displays in Public areas.

This content can be delivered via the Internet, CD-Rom or DVD presentations, as well as displays in public areas.

Digital marketing using the Internet, enjoys several advantages over other media. The low cost is the major advantage as the distribution (email) is “free” (we all know that nothing is free) and “dissemination” costs can be very cost effective.

Internet digital marketing enjoy several advantages over other forms of media (e.g. radio, TV, etc). The major advantages include:

  1. Cost. This form of marketing is extremely cost effective with regards to development, distribution and dissemination.
  2. Viral marketing. The internet allows the viral spread of your messages to thousands of users at the click of a button with no costs to you – if the user perceives value (real or perceived) they will pass it on to their friends.
  3. Language. For very little cost your message can be delivered in the language of your target market or several languages.
  4. Measurable. All forms of advertising and marketing (except for the Internet) have no way of knowing who see/hears/reads the content. This is true of TV, radio and newspapers and to a lesser extent, magazines or cinema outlets. Any form of direct marketing (especially the Internet) has a very focused target group who are essentially individually communicated with and results are measurable (number of visits, entries, contacts, viral pass ons, etc.) All data collected must be permission based and can be used for future campaigns with the consent of the user – allowing you to build profiled user bases.

As with all advertising and marketing, the content sent largely determines the success of any campaign. A plain text email sent to a targeted recipient will not have the same impact as content that contains imagery and audio. Content that offers an immediate incentive that can be retrieved over the Internet (ringtones, competition entries, web-based discounts etc.,) result in the visitor spending more time on the promotion to achieve the offered reward. Obviously the “speed” at which the content is accessed must be “acceptable” (within seconds); otherwise the rich content may well be discarded before being experienced. Fortunately (for digital marketers and recipients alike) compression techniques and “minimizing file size” techniques exist that allow the delivery of rich content within acceptable time frames have been perfected by

Delivery of the content
When the Internet started out, text was the single medium used to convey information of any kind. Improvement in line-speeds then permitted the use of images and even movement to enrich the content of information delivered.

Our technology (or methodology) allows for audio to be delivered (within seconds) to further enrich delivered information over even dial-up modems. No viewers or plug-ins (such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Realplayer), which obscure branding, are used – our enriched content streams directly through the browser, allowing for a truly interactive and tactile online experience.

Monitoring and Tracking
This element (in addition to low cost), if applied to Internet Digital Marketing, provides absolute feedback as to any response from recipients. For instance, if the content contains information on more than one product or service, it is possible to determine which product enjoyed the most exposure. A case study is probably the best way to explain this aspect.

Case Study
A big banking group ran a competition via email, which asked participants to outline what they would do if given R 150 000 tax-free. One had to be an account holder to enter the competition which was entered by over 65 000 entrants.

The spin-off for the bank is that they were able to determine what clients spending patterns were and had the added advantage of gaining new accounts (people wanting to enter that were not account holders). Recipients were encouraged to forward the email invitation to friends who were not account holders.

Sourcing the target lists

For clients who already have email lists of their target market, there is no need to source a list but there might be a case for augmenting whatever data they already have.

Target specific lists can be purchased or obtained in various ways and costs vary between R 1.00 per email for generic targets to upwards of R 3.00 per email address for less-generic lists. Care must be taken that only opt-in targets are used.

The investment in acquiring a list allows for the re-use thereof for future campaigns.

Viral marketing

Where the content of digital marketing is of interest or is humorous or is seen as rewarding Or (and most importantly we have found) incentivised by items of real value (prizes) or perceived value (special access codes to additional exclusive content like screensavers, ringtones, etc), the recipient is likely to forward the email on to to a friend(s) or people sharing the same interest.

Thus the more innovative and well planned the content is, plus the construction is of a high standard – the greater the penetration and success of the campaign.

YellowLizardDesign and digital Marketing

We help brands find new ways to acquire customers, service existing clients and achieve better returns on marketing spend.

As leaders in our field, we produce extremely high quality flash, director, CD, DVD, SMS and dynamic HTML work for corporates as well as the music, game and media industries. We specialize in viral marketing using proprietary mechanisms and techniques, which can be customized to tie in with any new or existing campaigns. Our revolutionary pricing structure, coupled with work of the highest quality revolutionised the industry in the UK and is currently doing the same in the South African market.

Our services include:
Digital and SMS marketing strategies
Online Advertising 
Direct email campaigns
Viral Marketing
Community Building
Loyalty Marketing
Data capture, profiling and targeted communications
Database Development
56k Streaming Audio and Video
Interactive banners
HTML newsletter and mailers

Our digital marketing services are revolutionary, unique and cutting edge. We have developed several online marketing success stories.

Rich Media Creatives
How can you get your online advertising campaign to cut through the clutter of common Web ads? YellowLizardDesign has some suggestions! By delivering rich media online advertising, using Flash, Motif and Eyeblaster technology, YellowLizardDesign have helped several clients take their online advertising to a completely new level with interactive ads that deliver breakthrough experiences with a significant return on investment.

Advertising online is now essential to the most successful ad campaigns for its ability to deliver higher brand lift, greater customer acquisition and retention, stronger targeting, tracking, and better reach and frequency, than offline alone. Rich media creatives increases the effectiveness of one’s online advertising. Now your brand can shine more than ever with more effective creative, extraordinary reporting, dramatically higher brand measurements, clickthru rates and even conversion to sales. 
By employing graphic movement, audio, video, innovative ad formats and interaction to engage the viewer in a richer and immediately compelling experience, the right rich media ad is more memorable and creates a deeper connection. 

YellowLizardDesign enhances rich media creatives with added-value viral marketing and data collection functionality. When branding is a goal of the campaign, rich media ads can engage consumers in an interactive brand experience by allowing them to play games, view a video stream or expand the ad to access more information. The possibilities when using rich media are endless!