1. Submit application form (can be downloaded from this site) – SA citizens only,35 or younger - to nearest Allocating Agent office COMSEC in P.E., East London or Umtata. Click here to see how to get to COMSEC PE
2. Assessment date scheduled (if not same date as submission) note - Telephonic assessment can be made if client not resident in P.E., East London or Umtata.
3. Notification letter issued to client with deposit procedure and Service Provider choice.
4. Client meets with Service Providers and chooses Provider.
5. Client deposits R 200 (per voucher) in Service Provider account. Note - Where more than 1 voucher is issued, separate deposits of R 200 per voucher will be required.
6. The Allocating Agent will issue the voucher(s) to the client, who will have to sign receipt of voucher.
7. Visit the Service provider with whatever information about your business is
available. Agree business profile and product/service descriptions. Also provide (in digital format) :

A Company overview – shareholders, when started, area of operations, partnerships, Accreditations – Unique Selling Proposition
Physical addresses and contact details
Target Market definition – who & where
Powerpoint of above

B Defined business objectives
Market research
Documents results
Product/Service description (with digital images)
Product/Service pricing, distribution & positioning
Analyse market & growth
Size of market (local, national)
Trends & seasonality (other influences)

C Research & analyse competitors – Their expected reaction
Marketing/Communication Plans – Advertising, online, promotion options

D Branding & Public Relations

E Sales Plan – client recruitment, growth, sales strategy, sales team, training & literature

F Customer Service Plan – organogram of all staff who interact with clients.
8. Service providers develops agreed requirements and delivers same to applicant. Applicant signs acceptance and uses products developed.
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